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COVID-19 precautions and responses

Ways to walk with those on the front lines


COVID-19: New threat, proven response

"COVID-19 is new -- but an effective community response is the same. What we learned from AIDS 1987-95 and Ebola 2014-15 still applies; this time globally. So what can I do? As ever, what matters most is local neighbourhood, and the basic of contacting, caring, conversing, and continuing. It's called SALT practice -- and it's how we work."

The linked video is a 17 minute introduction from Ian and Alison Campbell on how to do this. The video was requested for the cadets in the social ministry class but can be applied by anyone.

The Barna Group offers free and subscription research services. Church Pulse is a free resource for pastors and churches for responding to COVID-19.

Things to do from home

Virtual tours of museums, national parks, and gardens, virtual concerts and theater, and more!

News of responses by the church

Local resources for community response

A Google Docs summary of resources for immigrants during COVID-19, especially those who might be undocumented.

Spring Valley Collaborative newsletter with latest community resources as of 5/13/2020.

Historical perspective

1 hour PBS documentary.