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COVID-19 precautions and responses

Need help talking to your kids about COVID-19?

Not sure how to talk with your children about what's going on?

  • VP Mike Pence's daughter has started a Littles News Briefing so that parents have a way to share and process the news with their children.
  • Minno also has church-at-home resources for kids, Veggie Tales, 5 minute devotionals, and more!

Bible videos and games

Scripture Union's Guardians of Ancora app is a Bible based running game (as if the Mario Brothers taught Sunday School :) 


  • animated Bible videos and activities that can be used as a complete curriculum, on Web, YouTube, and apps
  • a variety of Bible-themed games on Web and app, including verse of the day
  • in many languages including SPANISH

Walk thru the Bible has a lot of Bible learning videos that are fun for hte whole family. Their latest is a series just for families during lockdown!

Home school heroes