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ME 110: Homiletics I / Homilética I

About This Course / Sobre Este Curso


This introductory course builds upon the foundation learned in Biblical Interpretation. This course is designed to equip cadets to prepare and deliver expository sermon writings based on the Gospels. Cadets are expected to do their own research and reading in the areas of exegesis, hermeneutics, sermon structure and manuscript preparation, with appropriate illustrations and life application in Expository Preaching. This course will help cadets to understand that preaching is not merely delivering biblical information but should be leading to spiritual transformation (Romans 12:1-12).


  1. The cadet will construct outlines that form the framework of future sermons based on various Scripture texts that can be used for sermons for Brigade Sundays, Summer Assignment, or future ministry.
  2. The cadet will apply the principles learned from Biblical Interpretation as well as class lectures to research the background of selected passages of Scripture and prepare the sermon manuscript.
  3. The cadet will demonstrate their knowledge of the basic components of a sermon: title, introduction, points, development, illustrations, application, and invitation, by implementing these components into a completed sermon.
  4. The cadet will demonstrate their ability to use resource material by incorporating this material into the body of the sermon and using proper MLA citations and reference page.