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BS 202: Biblical Literature - New Testament II / Literatura Bíblica—Nuevo Testamento II

About This Course / Sobre Este Curso


A study of the book of Acts with special attention to the origin and development of the early church; an overview of the life and teaching of Paul; an overview of Paul's letters to the Romans and the Galatians.


  1. The cadets will explain the connection between the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts - literary and historical context.
  2. The cadets must recount and explain key narrative and teaching texts from the NT books of Acts, Romans and Galatians through written exams and essays.
  3. The cadets will explain important narratives and teachings from Acts, Romans, and Galatians, accurately identifying characters, locations, and time frames as demonstrated through class projects and creative presentations.
  4. The cadets will locate and identify, on a map, key locations in the life and missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul.
  5. The cadets will identify and discuss, in class and in a written exam, the circumstances in which the Apostle Paul wrote the letters of Romans and Galatians.
  6. The cadets will develop and present a visual lesson demonstrating the historical, cultural, geographical and religious contexts for a particular city where the Apostle Paul ministered and/or corresponded.