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AD 201: Principles of Finance / Principios de Finanzas

About This Course / Sobre Este Curso


An introduction to Salvation Army fiscal policies and procedures along with a review of basic financial functions required for corps financial management.


  1. The student will be introduced to Salvation Army fiscal policies and minutes so that they will be able to locate this information as needed in the future.  This information is vital to providing oversight to the resources entrusted to each command and for developing and controlling business activities.
  2. The student will apply this information to simple day to day activities through hands on classwork and homework assignments. 
  3. The student will be able to construct a simple Excel worksheet to record weekly income at a sample corps.  This will demonstrate to the student how financial spreadsheets can help them maintain, organize, and interpret financial information at their own corps.
  4. The student will explore the concepts of stewardship and the relationship between money and ministry through the preparation of a project which can be shared with future congregations or board members.