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BS 103: Biblical Literature - Old Testament II / Literatura Bíblica - Antiguo Testamento II

About This Course / Sobre Este Curso


This course will cover the Old Testament books from 1 Samuel through Ester and focus on the development of the monarchy under King Saul, King David and the Divided Kingdom. The course will provide a historical, prophetic, and cultural perspective on the history of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, giving special attention to what were the causes of their successes and failures. Students will learn principles from this history concerning how to successfully lead an organization that is essentially spiritual.


  1. Identify through in-class testing the basic themes of salvation history as expressed in the History Books of the Bible.
  2. Construct Bible studies that teach lessons based on the main characters from the Historical Books.
  3. Be able to evaluate and understand the language and message of the History Books and relevantly translate their message to a 21st century congregation through a video presentation.