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TS 102: Doctrine of The Salvation Army II / Doctrina del Ejército de Salvación II

About This Course / Sobre Este Curso


A study of Salvation Army doctrines five, six, seven and eight, this course explores the Fall and effects of sin (Hamartiology), the provision of atonement (Soteriology), salvation and assurance.


  1. The Cadets will be able to demonstrate comprehension of Doctrines 5, 6, 7 and 8 through essays, class discussions and written exams.
  2. The Cadets will be able to identify and defend the doctrinal positions of The Salvation Army through classroom discussion, research papers and exams.
  3. The Cadets will be able to develop the ability to discuss theological concepts such as original sin/ total depravity, the atonement and the Savior, repentance, justification, grace and faith.
  4. The Cadets will be able to demonstrate the ability to accurately present and defend SA faith and praxis through class discussion, written essays and exams.