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AD 101: Foundations of Leadership / Fundamentos del Liderazgo

About This Course / Sobre Este Curso


A foundational class with an emphasis on the spiritual nature of leadership and the fundamental qualities essential for effective leadership. The course will include an overview of leadership theory, creating healthy teams, leadership styles, conflict management, and personal management. (2 credits)


  1. Discuss biblical principles of leadership and recognize through course materials the importance of personal character development especially in the context of Salvation Army Corps life and ministry.
  2. Articulate verbally and in writing the definitions and functions of leadership discussed in class, which also include aspects of time, office, and conflict management.
  3. Demonstrate through writing, discussion and projects, a working knowledge of the difference between the development of personal character and the development of talents and skills to function as a leader.
  4. Apply conflict management principles to ministry and workplace scenarios that will lead to a healthy culture.