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TS 104 Church History / Historia de la Iglesia

About This Course / Sobre Este Curso


As a survey of the history of the Church from the apostolic period to the present, the emphasis will concern the development of Christian doctrine and practice and consequent contemporary implications.


  1. The student will be able to describe the early Christian church and analyze how the early doctrines were formed by the integration of concept into the course research paper.
  2. The student will be able to discuss the changes from the early church period to the established church and identify the reasons for this transformation by the completion of relevant exam essays on the subject.
  3. The student will be able to analyze the causes of the Reformation period and how those forces are active in the church movements of today by Incorporation into final exam essay.
  4. The students will be able to defend the Salvation Army’s position in the holiness movement as a unique but integrated part of the Christian church by completion of relevant exam essays on the subject.