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TS 103: Doctrine of The Salvation Army III / Doctrina del Ejército de Salvación III

About This Course / Sobre Este Curso


As a study of Salvation Army doctrines nine, ten and eleven, this course emphasizes growth in faith and practice, the promise and provision of sanctification, with a concentration on the implementing of a holy life and eschatology.


1. Demonstrate comprehension of Doctrines 9,10, and 11 through memorization and written exams.

2. Identify and defend the doctrinal positions of The Salvation Army through classroom discussion, research papers, and written exams.

3. Articulate theological concepts such as perseverance, sanctification/holiness, and eschatology as it relates to final judgment in classroom
discussion and on written exams.

4. Demonstrate the ability to accurately present and defend Salvation Army faith and praxis through written, oral and creative assignments.