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ME 216 Introduction to SA Social Service Ministry Administration / Introducción a la Administración del Ministerio del Servicio Social del Ejército de Salvación

About This Course / Sobre Este Curso


This course will examine the historical and theological perspectives of Salvation Army social service ministry. Cadets will be introduced to the National Standards for Social Service Ministry and will examine strategies to implement and develop effective ministries to combat poverty and social inequities, engage in community relationship building and discover and access resources for ministry support.


1. The cadet will be able to articulate and put into practice the National Standards of Social Services within The Salvation Army. 

2. The cadet will engage principals related to asset-based community development in group discussion and class exercises. 

3. The cadet will research and present ministry applications associated with poverty, unemployment, and inequality.

4.The cadet will understand the key values and principles of Christian social work administration and delivery including skills and techniques for effective practice.