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BS 203: Biblical Literature - New Testament III / Literatura Bíblica—Nuevo Testamento III

About This Course / Sobre Este Curso


A survey of additional Epistles of Paul (Galatians through Philemon), the General Epistles, and the Revelation of John, with emphasis on their historical context, literary character and theological meaning.


  1. With reference to the books of the Bible identified in the Course Description, the Cadets will be able to identify the authors, major themes and circumstances (context) in which they were written.
  2. The Cadets will be able to develop an expository sermon or in-depth Bible study based on a passage from the books covered in this quarter, utilizing the Biblical interpretation skills learned in BS101.
  3. The cadets will be able to develop and present an effective answer/explanation for the meaning of a selected "difficult" passage taken from one of the New Testament books covered in this quarter.
  4. The cadets will identify and evaluate the various forms of interpreting the book of Revelation and will be able to recognize the manner in which the form chosen can impact one's understanding of the book's content.