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GE 207 Ethics / Ética

About This Course / Sobre Este Curso


An introduction to ethics, understood to be a systematic study of standards of morality, of right and wrong, justice and injustice, good and evil, with the objective of applying this study to our contemporary lives, and personal behavioral choices applied in conjunction with The Salvation Army’s Position Statements on current ethical issues. 


  1. Cadets will demonstrate a written and spoken summary knowledge of Christian ethics through personal research.
  2. Cadets will explore and demonstrate familiarity with Salvationist ethic principles through class discussions.
  3. Cadets will demonstrate facility in engaging, discussing and assessing significant ethical dilemmas in preparation for ministry as a Salvation Army Officer.
  4. Cadets will demonstrate familiarity with the Positional Statements of The Salvation Army through discussion.
  5. Cadets will synthesize complex contemporary ethical subjects with a biblical worldview and Salvationist values in preparation for service as Salvation Army Officers through creative project.