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Salvation Army

Resources on The Salvation Army

Researching Salvationists

Tired of the usual suspects, but don't know where to start? Browse the collective biographies!

There is a list of people, and the books they are in, in the SA history course file in the library.

Still stuck for ideas? Search broad categories of people, such as "Salvationists biography" or "Salvationists Africa".

Have a specific person in mind but need more resources? Search for the place where they did most of their work, for the kind of work they did, or for prominent people they were closely associated with. They may be mentioned in these resources. See Index.

Once you know where and when your person lived and what they did, you can find the appropriate history book and look for them in the index at the back of the book. For example, if you are interested in recent history (1995-2015) you want volume 9 of The History of The Salvation Army (BX9715.S3).

A dictionary can help you find other search terms. For example, if you look up "Joe the Turk" in the Historical Dictionary of The Salvation Army (BX9715.H57) it will tell you that his real name was Joseph Garabed. You know that he worked in the USA. You can than then look up "Garabed" in the index of Marching to glory (BX9716.M32).

Are you sure that a person is in a book, but don't find it in the index? Use HathiTrust or GoogleBooks to search in that book online.

If you need more, ask a librarian! We can help you find resources, and if we need to go outside the CFOT we can process requests through proper channels. For example, we can contact National Archives or the Territorial Museum