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Social service 101

ME 216 Spring 2020 Independent Studies

Cadets Emma LaBossiere and Kelly Melfi have significant training and experience in the area of Salvation Army social service. For their independent studies they each researched, prepared and presented three modules, under the supervision of Captain Sheila Williams-Gage. 

The Power Points with presenter's notes are attached in each module.

ME 216 Spring 2020 Course description and schedule

Course description

This course will examine the historical and theological perspectives of Salvation Army social service ministry in relation to the development and supervision of diverse approaches to combatting poverty and societal inequities employed in Salvation Army ministry. Cadets will be introduced to the National Standards for Social Services and develop strategies to effectively develop and supervise these ministries. Cadet will develop skills in strategic planning, social action, community relationship building and accessing and maintaining donor support. 

Course schedule

04/01/22 Captain Sheila Williams-Gage History and theology of social services

4/8/2020 Guest: Heather Lehrman The Salvation Army social services standards

4/15/2020 Guest: Robin Rader Applied Biblical Sociology

4/22/2020 Cadet Emma LaBossiere Introduction to SA social services programs

4/23/2020 Guest: Isaiah Salafia Pathway of Hope

4/27/2020 Cadet Kelly Melfi Economic inequality, wealth, and poverty

4/29/2020 Captain Sheila Williams-Gage Mental health and special needs

5/6/2020 Cadet Emma LaBossiere Race, ethnicity, and immigration

5/11/2020 Cadet Kelly Melfi Family problems

5/18/2020 Guest: Petra Poleon Introduction to grant proposals for social services programs

5/20/2020 Captain Sheila Williams-Gage Community collaborations

5/26/2020 Cadet Emma LaBossiere Church and state

5/27/2020 Cadet Kelly Melfi Alcohol and other drug addictions

6/3/2020 Captain Sheila Williams-Gage Wrap up