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Social service 101

This module by Cadet Emma LaBossiere

This module was prepared by Cadet Emma LaBossiere, and presented in class on 5/26/2020. The class Power Point is attached under Aims below.

  • Background: Has always worked on the 'state' side as a social worker.
  • Knows:Church and state can work well together, but it takes hard work.
  • Wanted to learn: How to create awareness that these can co-exist and find creative solutions.
  • Learned: Prayer, creativity, and being purposeful will allow corps officers to serve the church within state regulations. This session is full of diversely gifted people; hope that we will reach out and help each other on the field.

Aims of this module

To think deeply and talk openly about issues related to the respectful, legal integration of evangelism and social services in the corps.

After laying the foundation of basic principles, most of the class was spent exploring how the new lieutenants would practically implement these in different scenarios.

Grey areas?

  • DON'T try to 'get around' the law.
  • DO make solid relationships with grantmakers.
  • DON'T project your values and your goals. If it is not their value and their goal it won't go anywhere. This is essential when working with people coming for help, but it also applies to grantmakers. Find out what their values and goals are.
  • DO be purposeful and creative in offering opportunities for engaging with the gospel. 
  • DO post corps program opportunities on the social service bulletin board.